Oil-based painter with an eye toward dramatic cityscapes and industrial forms.

I grew up in the French Alps and was first introduced to oil painting while taking art classes in my late 20s. For many years thereafter, I dedicated my time to plein air landscapes of both the French Alps and the Southern California countryside while studying figure drawing and portraiture on the side.

The transition to scenes dominated by architectural structures began with my series of Southern California Piers. The juxtaposition of the piers' striking geometry and perspective amidst the ocean's fluid, shifting water enabled me to represent a single subject in various ways.

Over time, I became increasingly drawn to urban and industrial scenes, and eventually started the Water Tank series after a visit to New York City. I am continually fascinated by the shapes of these historic water tanks as they perch over the city's skyscrapers and the jungle of energy and life below.

Member of:
10 West Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara Studio Artists, CA
Silo 118